Finalists Announced for Smarter Than Your Home Contest

By Adam Skobodzinski

Entries from six contestants have been selected for the finalist phase of the #shapebits contest, co-sponsored by littleBits and Shapeways.  Check out the idea phase entries that will move forward to the finalist phase:


Water Rocket Parachute Deploy System

by Leo Rolph

This is a gravity release system whereby a servo will deploy a parachute from a water rocket.  Says Leo, “I’m hoping a 3d printed/littleBits setup will avoid many hours of fiddly work and make an easy to duplicate (plug and play) system.”



by Mason Umholtz, Maren Fiorelli and Bastiaan Ekeler


The “Brush-R” uses the DC motor to turn a music box while you brush your teeth.  It also triggers the cloudBit to log your teeth brushing activity with “Teeth were successfully brushed” emails.


Remorse Code

by Caroline Sinders and Alicia Tam Wei

Remorse Code is designed so you can quickly convey your emotional state to your partner by the cloudBit, whether that’s from across the workplace or across town.


Auto Meal Logger Shapebits

by noelpatrol and friends

The “Auto Meal Logger” uses a pressure sensor to trigger the cloudBit, which then logs meals to jawbone UP for calorie tracking.  It simultaneously sends an alert, sounded by the buzzer, back to the device to confirm meals were logged.


Bathroom Symphony

by Susse @GuriVenstad @srgause Charu

This submission consists of two devices to achieve an overall pleasant social experience in the bathroom.  The first device fans you as you take a glam selfie.  Then, the cloudBit and Number count tagged images on a shared photo album on flickr.

The second device plays unique melodies for each stall that combine into a complete song.  The stall doors press on a pressure sensor, which triggers the mp3 player.


Wake Up and Smell The

by Paralogical

Wake up to the refreshing, uplifting, or stimulating scent of your choice with this device.  Through an recipe, the cloudBit will activate a servo with a 3D printed attachment to uncover the scented oil, and a fan will waft the scent to wake you.

Finalist Phase

During the finalist phase, contestants will receive free bits to create their projects and a coupon from Shapeways to print them.  Final projects will need to be uploaded by May 31st on the Shapeways & littleBits sites both using the hashtag #shapebits.

We encourage all our contestants to develop their ideas on the forums under 3D Printing and Project Buzz.  We can’t wait to see what our contestants will build!


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