Five Days of Festivus PROMO: Light It Boost It

By Emily Tuteur

All week long (12/9-12/13), enjoy 10% off the Base Kit, the Premium Kit, the Light It Boost It, and the Touch It Boost It when you enter the code, FESTIVUS, at checkout. This will truly be a Festivus for the rest of us!

Product Feature: Light It Boost It

You can never have too many lights! If you’re looking to get flashy, this Light It pack will make your littleBits library shine. It contains five of our brightest output Bits modules (uv led, bargraph, rgb led, led x 2) and is the perfect way to add more visual impact to your creations.

Like all Boost It Packs, the Light It Pack takes your Bit collection to the next level. Boost It Packs are intended for Bitsters who already have a Kit or Bundle, and do not come with a power Bit. These packs are a great way to grow your library at a discount compared to purchasing the Bits modules separately (regularly $62).

We also recommend adding input Bits modules to get the most out of this pack.

Here are some examples of what you can make:

Light-Up Party Jacket

Be the life of the party, or have your own with this flashy light-up jacket! Lightwires, bright LEDs, long LEDS, and RGD LEDs pulse to the song on your mp3 player through the microphone module.



Make your own display and watch the NYC skyline come alive with lights. This project uses pulse modules, inverters and a variety of LEDs (especially the bargraph) to produce a beautiful medley of fireworks illuminations.


Uncle Edward

2 rgb LEDs are better than one as we can see in the moving red eyes of our Great Uncle Edward. This portrait has motion triggers that sense when you are near and creepy red eyes controlled by a servo that watch you wherever you go.


Secret Note reader

Send secret notes to your friends… or to your secret santa! Using this cleverly disguised note reader, you can write invisible messages with uv ink that can only be read with the help of the UV LED.


Bee Vision

Michael Wilkinson’s 4th grade science class (@mwmathsci) used Fast Plants (Brassica rapa) to learn about plant lifecycles and reproduction, and wanted to see what the flowers might look like to bees. Bees see ultraviolet light reflections that bring out features unseen to humans in visible wavelengths. Using the littleBits UV LED module and a Bodelin ProScope, they were able to photograph the flowers under ultraviolet light and create “Bee Vision.”



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