Five Days of Festivus PROMO: Touch It Boost It

By Adam Skobodzinski

Festivus continues! All week long (12/9-12/13), enjoy 10% off the Base Kit, the Premium Kit, the Light It Boost It, and the Touch It Boost It when you enter the code, FESTIVUS, at checkout. This will truly be a Festivus for the rest of us!

Product Feature: Touch It Boost It TouchIt-StandardLR

Looking to really take control of your littleBits collection? The Touch It Pack might be just the thing. This set of four super-tactile input Bits modules has some fantastic options to help you grab hold of the creative possibilities. Modules included are the bend sensor, the toggle switch, the button, and the slide switch.

Like all Boost It Packs, the Touch It Pack takes your Bit collection to the next level. Boost It Packs are intended for Bitsters who already have a Kit or Bundle, and do not come with a power Bit. These packs are a great way to grow your library at a discount compared to purchasing the Bits modules separately (regularly $62).

With this pack, you’ll be adding some awesome new ways to take control of your littleBits collection. We also recommend adding ouput Bits modules to get the most out of this pack.

Here are some examples of what you can make:

BristleBall is a miniature electric football game that uses two buttons and makes good use of the vibeSnap. Two buttons are great for multi-player gaming.


Mr. Thirsty (automated water cooler)

Our beloved water cooler also makes great use of two buttons. One button activates a servo with a timeout for the perfect pour. Use the other button to top it off.


Creepy Crawly Cockroach

This cockroach has two bend sensors that act as sensing antennas and help the cockroach navigate its surroundings. When the cockroach approaches a wall, the closest bend sensor will be activated. This will cause the opposite wheel to stop spinning due to the inverter before the dc motor, steering the cockroach away from the wall.


littleSpace Command Capsule

Blast off into space with this command console. This project uses the double AND module and is controlled through a series of switches. Switches work very well in combination with logic modules.



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