Fortune: Ayah Bdeir, CEO of littleBits, on the real reason for the hardware renaissance

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Fortune’s Erin Griffin sat with Ayah at SXSW to discuss the the open hardware movement, the perils of retail, and why white circuit boards help get girls interested in engineering. Check out the full interview here and head here for Ayah’s take on the advantages of launching a hardware startup in NYC. 


“…people who make hardware have generally a sense of activism, and it’s about bringing hardware back.”

“I believe in gender-neutral products. That’s my prerogative. I believe we will level the playing field and we will really empower girls when we are empowering girls and boys, and designers and artists, and adults and young people all alike, because I don’t believe there is an inherent difference between genders.

It’s been working. We have 50% to 60% girls in the younger demographic that play with littleBits and love littleBits because we’re very deliberate about being gender-neutral.”


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