Gear Up and Geek Out for the Big Game

By Emily Tuteur


Can’t get enough football? Supplement pre-game and halftime festivities with BristleBall, a miniature electric football game made with littleBits. Strategically position the vibration motor via the vibeSnap on the playing surface, press the button, and watch your players run a variety of improvised plays as they glide around on toothbrush bristles.


Go Pro Game Revolver

Capture the excitement of the crowd with littleBits and your GoPro camera. Make a rotating camera platform with a dc motor and a slide dimmer to get 360 degree coverage of your event. For documentation inspiration, check out this video Umair took of a concert.

Light-up (Your Team’s Name) Sign

Show your team spirit with a light-up sign made out of littleBits LED modules, Lego, and a 3d-printed nameplate. The McLean  family designed this Celtics sign in honor of their favorite basketball team.


Super Snack Server

Serve up snacks throughout the duration of the game. Powered with littleBits, this programmable lazy susan will dole out dishes all game long. With two timeouts, the tray spins on a dc motor in timed increments. Set how long the tray waits before it spins as well as how far it turns in between.


Touchdown Confetti Cannon

Celebrate touchdowns (or the big win) with a motion reactive paper confetti cannon. This project, designed by christinadanton, uses a fan module to propel paper confetti up and out of the cannon when it senses movement above.



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