Geek Out Your Guests

By Emily Tuteur

Make it a Holi-DIY to Remember (Part 2)!

Hosting a holiday party this year? Amaze and entertain your guests with these interactive littleBits creations.

1. Hands Free Camera Mount + Tilt

Capture the moment! Take a group photo or a picture perfect panorama. This camera mount for your smartphone allows you to pan and tilt by moving dimmers that control servos. Say cheese!


2. Voice Changing Loudspeaker

MC the show! Dazzle your guests with this super-charged microphone and get ready for some epic karaoke. With the littleBits filter, delay, microphone and synth speaker, you can alter the character of your voice and add feedback and echos.

3. Caroler’s Helper


Time for a sing-a-long! Forget the words to Frosty the Snowman? The Caroler’s Helper is scrolling sheet music that you can use to follow along. Two dc motors turn the scroll of music when you press the pressure sensor on the frame.

4. Synth Kit Holiday Music

Set the mood with some music. The littleBits Synth Kit is a great addition to any party. Set up your Synth Pro Station and jam out to Jingle Bells or Joy to the World. Time to get the dance party started!

5. Pizza Box Phonograph

Or, listen to music the old-school way with this awesome DIY version of a phonograph. Powered with the littleBits dc motor, and made from a pizza box, a sheet of notebook paper, and a sewing needle, this nifty gadget will be a hit. Time to break out the Charlie Brown Christmas record.

6. Hands Free Water Cooler Device

Don’t make you guests work for their water. Hack your slow-acting water cooler with this extension. With some logic, a timeout, and a servo, this gadget fills your cup up with the perfect amount of water every time.

7. Sweets Swatter


Preparing a big meal? Protect your food from early indulgers with this motion triggered appliance. Food thieves sneaking an early morsel will be swatted away with a swinging servo arm and an alarm will sound.

8. Turkey Table Timer


It’s dinnertime and you are putting finishing touches on the meal! The Turkey Table Timer helps you make sure your guests sit down the minute the food is ready, rather than you having to round them up. Just set the timeout when you are almost done and the Turkey will beckon your guests to come enjoy the feast by shaking its servo tail, flashing an rgb LED and buzzing to a pulse.

9. Automatic Lazy Susan


Make sure that everyone gets their equal share of hors d’oeuvres. Powered with littleBits modules, this programmable lazy susan doles out dishes with a mission – equal distribution of food. With two timeouts, the tray spins on a dc motor in timed increments. Set how long the tray waits before it spins as well as how far it turns in between.

10. Robot Butler

When you sit down to eat, be sure to set out your Robot Butler. It will roam your table and pass out food to your guests. This smart little creature roams the table on a central wheel that is connected to a dc motor. Little plastic arms activate three roller switches on the side as they bump into cups and bowls, causing the robot to turn and try elsewhere. This happens because there is an inverter in between the first dc motor and a second dc motor positioned on the edge.

11. Automated Drink Stirrer

Time for an after dinner drink! Super-stir your favorite drink with this automated spoon, connected to a dc motor via the motorMate.


For holiday ideas that use littleBits modules, see Trick Out Your Tree: 9 ways to electrify your holiday.


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