Get Lucky With These St. Patrick’s Day Projects!

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and we’re feeling lucky! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite community projects to show off our green spirit today.

Try making these bitified projects and you’ll be well on your way to finding your very own pot of gold.

From The littleBits Engineering Studio: The drinkerBot

littlebits drinkerbot

Alright, so. Fair warning. This crazy concoction is for the over-achievers in the room. From the depths of the littleBits Engineering Lab and Design Studio, we bring you our latest and greatest creation: The drinkerBot.

The drinkerBot took a team of nearly one dozen cross-disciplinary engineers, product designers, graphic designers, UX ninjas, media masters, and cloud aficionados a full week of around-the-clock work.

And it is glorious.

The drinkerBot is a robotic drink mixer that serves made-to-order drinks.

It works with a specially-crafted web app that allows you to select a specialty cocktail, a DIY concoction, or a surprise mixture. Once you’ve chosen your thirst-quencher, the web app tells the cloudBit what drink to make.

The cloudBit’s signal is then passed through a littleBits Arduino module and some logic modules to determine which liquid dispensing mechanisms to activate.

Here’s a snapshot of what a portion of that set-up looks like.

littlebits drinkerbot

The drinkerBot also has a conveyor belt for your cup to travel on during its journey from empty to delicious. Nom.

If you’re thirsty for a big new challenge, learn more about this project here:

From Our Amazing Community of Bitsters! 

Mix Some Delicious Beverages Using The Super Stirrer 


First up, this beverage-making machine. Prep some green party punch and make sure it’s stirred, not shaken. Super-stir your favorite drink-concoction with this automated spoon, connected to a DC motor via the motorMate.

BYOS (bring your own spoon!) and craft your favorite drink today. Make this project with the base kit and deluxe kit!

Remote-Control Leprechaun Trap

Remote control Leprechaun Trap

Feel like capturing a leprechaun today? Build your own DIY remote-control trap! Using a power, servo, and remote trigger module, this clever Kindergarten class crafted this contraption. Use a shoebox, universal remote, and your favorite green and gold goodies for this quirky creation.

Helicopter Leprechaun Transporter 

Luck O' the Irish

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, one of our creative community members built this helicopter Leprechaun transporter. With her invention, Leprechauns are free to scout the skies looking for the rainbow with the pot of gold at the end, quietly descend, load up the gold in the basket, and fly off undetected!

The blades of the helicopter are rainbow-colored to blend in with the rainbow, the blue basket blends with the sky, the cotton-ball clouds muffle the sound of the DC motor, and the flashing LED light gives the appearance of a firefly should the vehicle be moving at night. This gadget saves a lot of leg work running from rainbow to rainbow, and is a peaceful way to travel for our gold-loving friends.

Get The Party Started With This Discoteque


Feel like hosting a party? Throw on your dancing shoes and that little green dress and invent a discoteque! This project uses several LED’s, two bargraphs, a vibration motor, a branch, and a pulse to create a DIY shindig. Paired with a handful of LEGO pieces, your LEGO-person will dance into the night!

Hungry? Make This Snack Robot

Snack Robot

The Line Following Snack Serving Robot is a robot made with littleBits that does exactly that, serve delicious snacks along a path drawn by the maker. This project requires no programming.

The robot has two DC motors controlled by a respective light sensor. The bright LEDs illuminate the surface below the robot and more light reflects from the floor surface than from the drawn line. When the bright LED shines on the floor, more light reflects into the light sensor telling the DC motor to turn fast. When the bright LED shines on the drawn line, less light reflects into the light sensor telling the DC motor to turn slowly.

Serve up some St. Paddy’s snacks by place the robot on its path and looking out for the green velvet cupcakes as they come your way!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, bitizens!



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