Gigaom: littleBits launches a cloud bit and turns from toy maker to hardware revolutionary

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Gigaom wrote about the littleBits’ cloudBit and included this quote from Ayah Bdeir:


“‘When you go into workshops and designers’ offices you see bins of cardboard and wood,’ said Bdeir. ‘We wanted to use the internet as a material. We are at a time and age when that needs to be made available to everyone.'”


Gigaom Screenshot

littleBits’ upcoming Radioshack launch was also mentioned:


“littleBits will be available at RadioShack stores across the country this fall as part of a collaboration between RadioShack Labs and fulfillment giant PCH. So now your destination for RC-controlled cars and batteries is now a place you can pick up some internet-age building materials and other fun connected devices.”


Read the full story here.


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