Global Chapter Case Study: Fab Lab Brasilia

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As the littleBits Global Chapters program grows and our School Chapters program launches, we wanted to highlight the unique spaces using littleBits and hosting events around the world. For this series, we’ve interviewed six Chapter leaders (from different types of spaces) and encouraged them to share their experience with us.


1. Please describe your space and what you do in there.
Brasilia Fab Lab is a place where ideas turn into reality. We believe in sharing knowledge and tools to stimulate innovation in our community. Together we think, create and make.


2) How do you use littleBits in your Fab Lab? 
We have a Workshop Set and we use the littleBits in events that we hold, such as the Open Day, where we give guided tours and talk to our members. We also use the littleBits in our workshops for children, as a tool to learn about electronics and invention.




3) What kind of projects have your community members made using littleBits?
Children have amazing creativity and surprise us every time they use the littleBits set. We have seem a full-spectrum of projects including a bubble gum vending machine, flashlight, paper bicycle, Iron Man chest ring, blinking helmets and a toy car.




4) What impact has the presence of littleBits had on your space and/or community?
littleBits are the perfect tool to help kids get started within the maker world. They get fast feedback and it keeps them making all kinds of circuits, which is great for both teachers and kids.


5) What’s been the most exciting part about running a Global Chapter in your Fab Lab?
Being part of the littleBits global community with the goal of making electronics and robotics more accessible is amazing. We need programming ideas to keep our community engaged. Being a Chapter helps us with this in addition to getting more inside knowledge to turn our community into makers.


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