Global Chapter Case Study: Macinspires

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As the littleBits Global Chapters program grows and our School Chapters program launches, it’s important to highlight the unique spaces hosting events around the world. For this series, we’ve interview four Chapter leaders (from different types of venues) and encouraged them to share their experience with us.

Welcome to MacInspires.

Please describe your space and what you do in there.
MacInspires helps technology enrich our customer’s’ lives through dedicated customer service and support. We fix and service Apple & Samsung Devices, as well as PCs. We sell technology products including cell phone accessories, speakers, maker tools and toys and much more. Education is at the core of what we do, teaching over 150 kids a week various STEAM subjects and adults subjects including cloud syncing, photo organization and more.


How many kids do you host in your space at a time.
MacInspires hosts 4-8 kids in our store at a time. Our classes outside of the store, in libraries, schools and other can host up to 20 students.

How do you use littleBits in your space? Which set do you have?
littleBits is one of MacInspires most popular classes. Most of our programs use the Workshop Set, while some of our classes use the Base Kit as it’s included in the enrollment. We have many other bits available in addition to the Workshop Set that we include for certain curriculum.


What kind of workshops do you run?
Workshops that take place in our stores range from single intro or workshop sessions to 10 enrollments. After school programs are often 8 to 12 classes.

What pricing structure do you use for your workshops?
MacInspires offers enrollments, sign up for 5 or 10 sessions, compared to coming just for one or a few, at a discount. The longer the enrollment, the lower the hourly rate comes out to be.

What has your return on investment been?
Having the Workshop Set and other bits available have allowed us to do countless classes within our spaces, local schools, libraries, customer’s homes and more. The investment in the materials have been made many, many times over. Even including the expense of teaching new instructors, littleBits has been a great source of education revenue for us. In addition, the classes assist us in selling the littleBits, we carry all kits and about two dozen individual bits.

What’s been the most exciting part about running a Global Chapter in your retail store?
Watching kids and adults learn and create with litteBits has been one of the most inspiring subjects we’re proud to host at our store. Larchmont, NY and Greenwich, CT have reacted amazingly, valuing littleBits as we do, continually joining us for Maker events to show off their talents.


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