Global Chapter Case Study: Rolling Robots

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As the littleBits Global Chapters program grows and our School Chapters program launches, it’s important to highlight the unique spaces hosting events around the world. For this series, we’ve interview four Chapter leaders (from different types of spaces) and encouraged them to share their experience with us.

Welcome to Rolling Robots.

Please describe your retail store and what kind of workshops you run.
Rolling Robots is a kid’s tech-workshop serving kids age from 4 to 14, with three locations in the greater Los Angeles area – Palos Verdes, Glendale, and West Los Angeles. We tap into the kids’ love of robots and provide STEM learning opportunities for them through fun activities ranging from robot building birthday parties, after school workshops to robotics summer/winter camps.

PV inside

How many kids do you host in your space at a time.
The number of kids in our space varies from locations to locations. It ranges from 3 to 80 kids at a time.

How do you use littleBits in your space? Which set do you have?
I have at least one of each sets of the littleBits. We host periodic littleBits workshops at our locations. Since Rolling Robots is focusing on teaching robotics, we use littleBits as part of introduction of electronics to young children.

What kind of workshops do you run?
We run specific littleBits workshops and summer camps using littleBits. Last year, the Halloween littleBits Workshop was a successful one because kids came with specific project in mind for Halloween costumes and we helped them select which littleBits to use to bring their ideas to life.

littleBits Powered Animal

What pricing structure do you use for your workshops?
We have been charging the same on littleBits workshop as all of our other workshops. Workshops range from $15 to $30 per hour. We did not charge extra to use the littleBits. During workshops, a handful of littleBits (such as roller switch, vibration motor, fan) were damaged since we had many of the early versions of littleBits. As part of being a Chapter, littleBits replaces those for you though.

What has your return on investment been?
The return on investment of littleBits can not be easily quantified because it is part of our overall program. However, what we know is that utilizing littleBits has definitely enhanced the overall value of the Rolling Robots’ program for our customers.

What’s been the most exciting part about running a Global Chapter in your space.
For Rolling Robots, the most exciting part about running a Global Chapter is getting the direct support from littleBits on content for our workshops. We learn a lot from the many ideas and lessons plans littleBits provides. We also enjoy sharing stories with other Chapter leaders.


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