Hack Your Halloween Faves

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Hack Your Halloween is in full swing and littleBits inventors around the world are uploading their spookified objects, costumes, robo-frankensteins, ghouls and hackolanterns to the littleBits Project Page. Check out a few of our favorites so far:


1) Real Life Minecraft Creeper by mmalpartida
“We remixed a prop my wife made for Isabella’s Minecraft-themed birthday party. It makes for a great scare on unsuspecting trick or treaters.”



2) Augmented reality Skull by RonDagdag

“The creepiness level just went up adding augmented reality to an Arduino bit. Using the littleBits microphone and Arduino module, every time thunder strikes, the jaw and the eyes move accordingly. Sound is playing from the phone and connected to littleBits.”



3) Big Hero 6 – The making of the Honey Lemon Chemball Purse and Helmet by albaadventures

“Our kids convinced us that they wanted to be Baymax and Honey Lemon from Disney Pixar “Big Hero 6″ for this Halloween.”



4) Trick or Treat Dispenser by Sky Shin

“Trick your trick or treater and then give them a treat! If people ringing your doorbell annoys you, why not make a self candy dispensing machine for Halloween? Except candy was too heavy to spin the bottle, so I improvised. The actor in the video is my brother.”



The Hack Your Halloween contest ends October 31st, so you have a few days to create a project. There are still a few days left to enter, so don’t be a scaredy cat. Mwahahahaha




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