Hack Your Halloween Winners!

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Credit: LeChiffre / Saw Inspired Trap

Thanks to all of the #HackHalloween inventors who participated in this year’s Hack Your Halloween challenge. We saw so many spooky projects uploaded to the littleBits Project Page, including a haunted library, augmented reality skull, disco pumpkin and Harry Potter-inspired magic wand.

We’d also like to give a special shoutout to our partners DIY.org and Instructables and our judges, Tony DeRose, Neil Huxley, Leticia Barr and Jamie Greene.

The judges have made their decision and it’s time to announce the winner … drum roll please…..


The award for Most Terrifying Prank goes to Pedro Morales and his five young students from the Institución Educativa Isaías Gamboa School in Cali, Colombia for their Creepy Hand Prank!

The project combines littleBits, 3D printed parts and craft supplies to create a wandering, creepy and bloody hand that happens to like scaring people.



The award for Best How To Video goes to Tom Balzamo and his two sons Timothy (10) and Sean (7) for their Halloween Hack (Grumpy Old Man Style) project. The project is a fun-depressor for those who don’t like trick-or-treaters showing up at your door.



The award for Best Short Film goes to Jeff Benjamin for Creature in the Cap. The video stars future Oscar-winning actor Frankie and a Halloween costume that features a creepy creature made from littleBits  that lives inside of a hat.



The award for Leading Spooky Pumpkin goes to sabrinabeauty21 for Saw Pumpkin, which lights up and quotes frightening scenes from the movie Saw. Thank you Sabrina, we now have nightmares.



Lastly, the Best Creepy Costume Design goes to Ray Alba and his family for their Big Hero 6 costumes! Ray’s kids (11 year old son and 6 year old daughter) wanted to be Baymax and Honey Lemon from Disney Pixar “Big Hero 6” for Halloween. After finding nothing at local stores, the family decided to take matters into their own hands and make the costumes.

These used LEDs, littleBits, cardboard, modeling clay, paint, modge lodge and their sweat to bring these to life!



To see all of the Hack Your Halloween projects, visit the littleBits Project Page and let us know who you liked best by through your favorites and comments.





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