#HackYourHabits Challenge

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This challenge is now closed. Winners will be announced by Monday, May 9th Wednesday, May 11 – stay tuned!

One of the coolest ways that people are using tech is to transform their bad behaviors or keep up their good habits. In this monthly challenge, we want you to choose ONE thing you do daily (or almost daily) and invent a way to track or change your habit.

So next time you wake up and start your daily routine, think about what you are doing. Do you brush your teeth (or not)? Do you pick up your bag to catch the bus or subway (or forget it)? Do you turn off the lights (or leave them on)? You might see your world in a whole new way!

See your life savings rise the more you brush your teeth with BrushR by Ekeler


Three winners will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges. They will receive a power-packed combo of Bits and status: a kit of your choice up to $200, a featured post in our Inventor Spotlight, and the opportunity to judge or help create future design challenges. Multiple entries are encouraged 🙂



  1. Brainstorm and prototype an invention that addresses a problem in someone’s life.
  2. Make a video showing us how it works. We even have some Pro Tips to help you make the best video EVER – check it out here.
  3. Enter by uploading your creation to the Invent page using #HackYourHabits by April 30 at midnight EST. Be sure to embed your video or include a link!


Here are three ways you can approach this challenge:

Option 1: Track your actions. Invent a TRACKER that will help you count how many times you do something.

We like alarms , trackers and counters – these are all ways of making you more aware of what you are doing. Use this data start thinking about how you can change your actions.

Option 2: Change your actions. Invent an INTERVENTION that will help you or others change a behavior. Think about a habit you have that you want to change:

  • Save water
  • Recycle more
  • Turn off the lights when you don’t use them
  • Increase number of smiles you see in a day

Whatever it is, it should be something meaningful to you.

Option 3: Do both!



Feeling forgetful? Create your own Microwave Alarm Wristband like this one by Braden Irish


Topher White
In 2012, Topher White founded Rainforest Connection, a startup which converts recycled cell-phones into solar-powered listening devices to monitor and protect remote areas of the rainforest. Now an established NGO, Rainforest Connection has helped stop illegal logging and poaching operations in Sumatra, and the system is being expanded to three more rainforest reserves in Indonesia, the Amazon and Africa.

With a background in physics and engineering, White worked as web chief of ITER and co-founded Enthuse, a sports engagement and mobile rewards platform. For Rainforest Connection, he’s fashioned a simple device made of discarded cell phones and solar panels that detects and sends alerts when it picks up the sound of chainsaws in protected rainforests, allowing for intervention in real time.


Anahit Tonoyan
Anahit Tonoyan is a young inventor who is making first steady steps in technology and innovation. She is a fifth grader, based in San Jose, California. Unwrapping her Christmas gift Anahit found the Arduino Coding Kit which she loved instantly. It was a hit of a new wave of excitement for a beginner programmer and learner of a programming language. It was really cool seeing the code in action and being able to assemble electrical circuits in easiest possible way. Astghik Tonoyan, Anahit’s little sister and partner is a second grader. She is really good in giving ideas, drawing, designing and presenting the projects.


M&Ms are the perfect incentive for Tom Balzamo’s Quiet Time Machine
See how much water your house, class, or work space drinks with the Quantified Thirst machine from littleBits


Track your nightly sounds with Alex Pikkert’s Snore Counter


Mystify your friends with millions of steps using David Saunders’ student made Tracker Hacker


Never leave your keys at home again with Sean Michael Ragan’s Don’t-Leave-Home-Without-It Machine


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