Halloween Costumes Made Easy with STEM Halloween Costumes Made Easy with STEM

Halloween Costumes Made Easy with STEM

By Allie VanNest

Halloween is fun — once you find the perfect costume. While store-bought outfits and decorations are big business, you can save money and showcase your creativity by creating your own. Luckily, some of littleBits’ new Bits are perfect for creating and customizing Halloween costumes.

Here are a few fun ideas to get your wheels turning:

Suit Up to Become A Super Hero

We’re still recovering (emotionally) from Avengers: Infinity War, but this Halloween it’s a safe bet that you’ll see quite a few ‘lil Avengers running around the neighborhood. With that much competition, they only way to truly make an impression is to do something totally unique. That’s where the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit comes in.

With the ability to code their own Super Powers into the customizable gauntlet, your kid can be their own totally original Super Hero without having to pick a hero from the current Marvel roster, which is a little light on females.

But not for long.

Get Ready to Rock


Aside from the occasional KISS member, you don’t see a lot of kids dressing up as musicians or rock stars for Halloween. For every pirate or fairy princess, there is a kid that secretly just wants to put on some outrageous stage clothes and rock out for some candy.

The Electronic Music Inventor Kit may be able to help with that. The Keytar has a synthesizer, sequencers, and a keyboard that lets you play custom tunes with nearly endless possibilities. You can also take battery-powered Keytar with you on your trick-or-treating run.

Houston, We Have a Costume

Even though the space race is long over, kids and adults are still captivated by the final frontier. Being an astronaut for Halloween may seem like an old-fashioned idea, but all the classics are there — a cool suit, a sweet helmet, and an accessory to really get the point across.

The Space Rover Inventor Kit has multiple modes for different tasks such as clearing debris (or candy), transporting supplies (or candy), and teaching you about the science of space (while eating candy) It’s sweet… or sour, depending on what you’re into.

No matter what you are for Halloween, there’s always a way to make your kids’ costumes STEAM-tastic with Bits and kits.

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