Happy Thanksgiving from littleBits!

By Allie VanNest

It’s Thanksgiving! A great time to think about all the things we’re thankful for. This holiday, as you spend time with family and friends over a meal, just take a few minutes to think about the amazing people, places, and things in your life — and to be grateful.

At littleBits, we’re excited for time off to spend with family and friends today; but before we head out, we wanted to share a quick list of the inventions that we can’t live without, and will never take for granted.

Inventions We’re Thankful For


“I wouldn’t be able to function in normal society without my corrective lenses.” – Sean, engineer

“I’m grateful for TCP/IP because communicating with others can be a challenge and having rules, organization, and a backup plan for miscommunication is awesome.” – Quinn, customer service

“I’m thankful for Google. it makes it so easy to access new ideas to help learn about the world around us.” – Allie, public relations

“I’m grateful for the internet in general. Otherwise, I’d be sending tweets with carrier pigeons.” – Eric, social media

“The bicycle. As a youngling it represented exhilaration and independence, as an adult, it’s the best way to avoid the subway.” – Abel, operations

“Excel makes everything better!” – Diana, operations

“I’m grateful for the airplane to get me home for Thanksgiving today!” – Kylie, marketing

“Video conferencing – in my work life it’s amazing to be able to communicate and coordinate with folks around the world pretty seamlessly. In my private life, as someone who lives far away from her home country/family, it’s wonderful to have technology that enables me to still feel close to loved ones despite the distance.” – Tiffany, marketing

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