Host Your Own Bitified #Oscars Party

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Between the comedic stylings of Neil Patrick Harris, the thrilling best picture nominees, and the opportunity to witness some unforgettable red carpet fashion faux pas, the Oscars are bound to make for a memorable night.

In addition to tweeting your feels on a soon-to-be trending hashtag, the Academy Awards present the perfect opportunity to host a get-together with your fellow movie aficionados. Planning a party and not sure where to start? Follow our three simple party set-up tips and you’re sure to be the hostess with the mostess.

Set The Scene

Lights, camera, action! Can’t make it to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood this year? That’s OK. Create your own academy awards ceremony model and make Los Angeles come to life by recreating several major bit-spired landmarks. Light up the Hollywood sign. Create a rotating Universal Studios globe. Revive the Flying Space Shuttle Endeavour. Welcome to the Hotel California.

A little party never killed nobody, and with this project, the party is sure to keep going long after the Academy stiffs Leo on another Best Actor award.

Ordering some pizza for your mixer? Get your oldie but goodie vibes in full swing by making this DIY version of a phonograph. Powered with the littleBits dc motor and made from a pizza box, a sheet of notebook paper, and a sewing needle, this nifty gadget will be a party hit. Time to blow the dust off that old Star Wars OST record.

Pizza Box Phonograph

Make This: Hollywood Scene Setter; Pizza Box Phonograph

With This Kit: Premium Kit; Base Kit

Get Red Carpet Ready

When throwing a glamorous bash, a fashion-forward host is a must. Ditch the little black dress for a full-on party outfit. Shine on the red carpet with this light-up party jacket. Lightwires, bright LEDs, long LEDS, and RGD LEDs pulse to the song on your mp3 player through the microphone module.

Light up party jacket

Going for a classier look? Get fancy with this sound-activated bow tie. This festive bow moves on a servo and is activated by the sound of your voice! Control how it moves with a pulse and a dimmer. Your suit-up approach will be legen-WAITFORIT-dary.

Sound activated bow tie

Make This: Light-Up Party Jacket; Sound Activated Bow Tie

With This Kit: Space Kit + Light Wire; Base Kit

Serve Up A Storm

Let’s be honest: The right food and beverage combo can make or break any get-together.

Making some pigs in blankets? Serving up homemade guacamole? Make sure that everyone gets their equal share of hors d’oeuvres.

Powered with littleBits modules, this programmable lazy susan doles out dishes with a mission – equal distribution of food. With two timeouts, the tray spins on a dc motor in timed increments. Set how long the tray waits before it spins as well as how far it turns in between.

Super Server

And finally, prep some party punch. Super-stir your favorite drink-concoction with this automated spoon, connected to a dc motor via the motorMate. Head “Into the Woods” with this little red drink or make this Neil Patrick Punch. #ChallengeAccepted

Make This: Super Server; Super Stirrer

With This Kit: Base Kit; Base Kit

You’re all set for your littleBits Oscars-themed bash! And hey, maybe there’ll be another opportunity to take the selfie heard ‘round the world or gasp at J-Law tripping up the stairs. May the bits be ever in your favor.



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