How are you using littleBits?

By Adam Skobodzinski

Using littleBits you can dream up ideas and make them a reality. Combining Bits modules along with Legos, paper, metal, wood, cardboard you can “make something…that does something!” Here are some of our personal favorite DIY projects.

Some common circuits used by littleBits are a:

  • DC motor to create a GoPro mount or a mobile for a crib
  • RGB light to make a bridge light up
  • Servo motor to swing a sign

Now, show us how you are using littleBits by logging into and sharing your projects with the community!

1. Rotating GoPro Camera Mount

2. Dream Flowers Mobile

3. Bubble Maker

4. Ferris Wheel

5. Drink Mixer

6. The littleBits Defender


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