How this educator incorporated design, inquiry, and coding

By Grace Morales

Jorge Valenzuela is no stranger to using innovative methodologies with his students. As a littleBits Lead Educator Alumni, and as the former supervisor of the Technology & Engineering Education (TEE) program at Richmond Public Schools (RPS), he is now focusing on helping fellow educators champion 21st-century skills.

Jorge was invited to share some tips on how to use design and inquiry to teach computer science by ISTE for Computer Science Education Week. Here is a short preview from his article:

“I first discovered computer science (CS) and coding more than 20 years ago while completing my undergraduate work. Little did I know that one day CS would be the future of education or

 that I would be working with others to make these skills accessible to all students.

It takes will, know-how, technology tools, practical strategies and patience to do this work. Having coached many educators in project-based learning (PBL) and engineering by design (EbD) I’ve come to realize that computer science is best integrated across content areas by teaching design and inquiry practices in tandem with CS.”

To read more on his experiences and his advice, you can do so on ISTE’s website.

Grace Morales
Education Marketing Coordinator


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