How to hack your house for Halloween

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Are you thinking of turning your abode into a haunted house for Halloween? You can amp up the scare-factor with Bits! These genius design hacks will make your living space spooky and innovative.


Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie

Check out these home hacks below and get inspired to invent your own Halloween decorations:

1. Turn your living room into a bat cave.

Hack your run-of-the-mill paper bat decorations with Bits. Add invisible thread to the bats and Bits, and you can make these decorations move every time someone enters the room.

2. Give your traditional jack-o-lantern an upgrade.

Buh-bye boring pumpkin. Make an interactive jack-o-lantern that lights up when it hears sound.

3. Make inanimate objects come to life.

Prank your house guests by wirelessly controlling this skull. You’ll make your friends and loved ones wonder if your house is really haunted.

4. Add some ghostly art to your walls.

No haunted house would be complete without that unsettling, eerie feeling of being watched. DIY a perfectly ghoulish portrait that will flip from normal to evil in a snap.

5. Create a Bot with a mind of its own.

Remember Thing from the Addams Family movies? Yeah, it was our favorite character, too. Now, you can invent your own and watch it roam all over your house.

6. Engineer a supernatural apparition.

Top off your haunted space with a ghostly image projector. From a distance, a quiet blinking image is seen, but as an unsuspecting victim approaches, the other spooky image suddenly pops up accompanied by an eerie rattling sound.

7. Mix in creepy, roving zombies.

It isn’t really Halloween without zombies! Design a creepy, crawly inchworm zombie and control it with the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit. Prepare to be followed.


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