How to host a littleBits birthday family night

By Adam Skobodzinski

What better way to celebrate littleBits’ birthday than to have a family invent night at home? Superstar community members Timothy High and Leo Saccomanno are invention birthday party experts. Tim hosted a party for his daughter, Carolina, and Leo’s family celebrated his 30th birthday. Based on their experiences and a trial run with my family, we put together a fun plan for a birthday themed family invent night that you can try at home.

littleBits Cake

This Bitsy cake is by Lisa Cushman, a STEM lab teacher at City Park Elementary School in Dalton, Georgia.  

Leo’s littleBits Birthday Party

For some time now, our family birthday parties look always the same. It’s a moment for everyone to get together and enjoy some delicious treasures that Abuela Ana cooks. The theme of each birthday is given by the cake, that it’s always decorated by my sister Tania. Last year, when she asked me what did I want, my nephews were there and instantaneously replied: “littleBits of course!!” and I said “I don’t know. I’m already 30 now, do you think is appropriate for my age??”. Finally, I accepted and all that I had to do was to choose my favorite Bit… the bargraph.

leo cake close up

When the youngest guests came to the party, they were amazed that my cake was a Bit, they couldn’t believe it, and that made them really happy. Their surprised faces made me really happy too. So, if I had to give a tip would be to consider what your guests would like, because if your guests have a good time, it’s probably that your birthday will be a success!


Jude’s Invention Party Checklist

  1. Party prep. Think about your tools, materials, and menu.
    • The theme is littleBits’ Birthday! Cheap birthday decorations and purple accessories are definitely in order.
    • Bake or buy (we won’t tell!) a cake in advance.
    • Order takeout to save your creative energy for inventing. Tests confirm that pizza and the Makey-Makey Bit go together perfectly!
  2. Gather supplies. Make sure you have everything you need and food is ready to go when the guests (or just the kids) arrive.
  3. Find a space to work. The kitchen table works just fine.
  4. Lay out all of your materials for easy invention access.
  5. Kick off the event with a guided group invention. Try making your pizza or cake interactive.
  6. Create in teams. Use littleBits and birthday decorations to invent awesome new ways to celebrate.
  7. Share pictures and video of your creations with the world to inspire others. You can upload it using the Invention Editor or the littleBits App.
  8. Enter the Birthday Challenge to win prizes. There’s even a prize for Bitsiest cake!

Watch what our cake does when we turn off the lights.

Tim’s Bitsy Birthday tips:

  • Interactive cake – Trade the candle for some Bits! Is there a sensor you can use to detect when someone blows on it?
  • Table decorations – There are so many things you can do here! Light-up decorations around the goodies, moving Bits robots, a button to spin the lazy susan, motion trigger to make a waving hand go “nuh-uh-uh” when a kid tries to steal a taste of cake before it’s time, automatic cup dispenser by the drinks, a presence-activated juice stirrer…
  • Balloons – Make them move with littleBits!
  • Activities – See what you can build with littleBits. If you don’t have enough to go around, work in teams or take turns. Have lots of construction paper, cardboard, crayons and glue on hand. You could have judges and prizes, too.
  • Sing “Happy Birthday!” – First you turn out the lights, right? Try doing something with the light sensor. Then you all sing loudly. How about the sound trigger? Imagine hooking that up to one of those confetti poppers.

Planning to host your own? Let us know!

We love to hear about your invention adventures. Submit birthday inventions to the littleBits Birthday Challenge and share all your pics using #happybirthdaylittlebits!

Jude Brisson
Community Manager


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