How to start your own littleBits Inventor Club

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Calling all makers, doers, drawers, circuit benders, learners, teachers, parents, and mentors!


Over the last five years, the littleBits community has grown immensely, both in size and composition. We’ve welcomed 9 year olds to 99 year olds, inventors who make their own Bits to inventors who are just starting out, educators to parents, artists to coders. You have showed us that anyone can be an inventor, and we want to support you to keep inventing.

That’s why today, we are proud to launch our newest community program: littleBits Inventor Clubs.

What’s a littleBits Inventor Club?
These are local hubs of invention, where members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can feel supported by a global community and empowered to create. Clubs inspire inventors around the world to tinker, channel their inner artist, save the world, or just learn a new skill with friends.

Who can start a Club?
Anyone! All you need are a few Bits, some friends, and a space to invent. Clubs can be informal family meetups, treehouse hangouts, afterschool programs, libraries, classrooms, or makerspaces.

What do I need to start a club?

  • At least 2 members and a Club mentor who is 18 or older. We welcome groups of friends, families, classrooms, afterschool spaces, makerspaces, and more to start a Club!
  • One kit, any kit. Or lots of kits. Or individual Bits. You don’t have to have a lot, but you will need some to invent with.
  • A space to invent. Invention happens everywhere – classrooms, kitchen tables, makerspaces, park benches, etc.

What do we get for becoming a club?
Exclusive Learning Resources + Content

  • A library of curated resources that will help your Club get started quickly and keep them learning and inventing. We’ll add new tools and resources regularly and invite you to post your own!
  • Inventor Club newsletter featuring cool new inventions from other Club members, invention tips, and more.
  • A digital littleBits Inventor Club certificate!

Access to a Global Invention Network

  • Access to the littleBits Inventor Club Facebook page for Club Leaders. This is a global support network of other makers, educators, and mentors to share knowledge and expertise.
  • Inventor Club call – a monthly video hangout live from littleBits HQ, where we share updates, feature Clubs doing awesome work, and interview members of the littleBits team to learn more about the work they do.
  • Promotion of your club’s inventions through our blog, social media, and newsletter. This is a great way to highlight the wonderful work from your Club!

Special Opportunities

  • Access to special offerings and exclusive discounts!
  • We often put out calls for special events, programs, and even to test upcoming products for the community to be a part of our invention process.
  • Other amazing opportunities as we continue to build out the program.

What does a club need to do?
Be a Good Bitizen

  • Inventor Clubs will commit to a minimum of year as an active Club. That means you’ll be participating in fun challenges, inventing cool things together, and sharing them with the world!
  • A Club pledge to uphold the littleBits Community Code. We’re a friendly, supportive bunch and our sharing spaces are safe and inclusive.

Hold Gatherings or Events

  • The biggest part of a Club is get togethers! You should plan to hold at least six separate events per year. They can be as long or short as you like, in whatever space you invent in: your makerspace, living room, classroom, park, anywhere.

Give Feedback

  • We *love* to hear from you! We’ll ask you to fill out a simple feedback survey once a year so we can keep improving the program.

Wait there’s more?
Outstanding littleBits Inventor Clubs will be invited to become Certified littleBits Inventor Clubs. These Clubs stand out in their commitment to inventing and to their community. Certified Club Leaders have expertise in community building and outreach, learning design and pedagogy, and tips for working with Bits.

How do I get started?
Fill out this application to tell us more about yourself and the Club you want to create. We will contact you within two weeks on the status of your application. Once you’re approved, we’ll send you next steps and secret passcodes.


Still have questions? Check out these FAQs or email community[at]



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