Hurricane Sandy Workshop Photos!

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Today we had a great time with all the amazing children who came to the littleBits HQ for our workshop “Why Did the Lights Go Out? – How Hurricane Sandy Left NYC Powerless”. There was a lot of excitement and creativity as everyone gathered round to create models of iconic NYC landmarks for our Manhattan map.

Once all the buildings were made, everything was connected and powered using littleBits to light up, buzz and whir as if it were a real city. Then our workshop leader, Krystal, explained how during Hurricane Sandy decisions had to be made to keep the city safe by turning off certain power grids. And of course, explaining that many New Yorkers experienced power outages due to the storm itself.

After all the buildings that were affected by the storm were powered down, we then went through how power was restored neighborhood by neighborhood. Watching our miniature city light up bit by bit in the darkness was a truly incredible experience for everyone. A great reminder too, that many people in surrounding areas are still without electricity, heat and water.

After the lesson finished, the children were very animated speaking about their own experiences during Hurricane Sandy. Watching them make connections to real life situations was the highlight of the evening! We cannot thank everyone enough for coming to littleBits and recreating how Hurricane Sandy left NYC powerless.


For a details on how to run this workshop, check out the lesson plan here.

Hurricane Sandy Workshop Lesson Plan


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