Idit Harel is changing education with Globaloria

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Idit Harel is transforming how we educate our children. And it’s a game-changer. This leading tech innovator has been making huge strides in STEAM, tech, and computer education. Idit founded MaMaMedia and was a prominent researcher at the MIT Media Lab from 1988-1994. In short, she had a profound effect on how we learn and study technology – and you might not have even realized it.


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And this is how Harel ended up creating Globaloria, a K-12 learning platform based around computer science education. She engineered the coursework to include elements of surprise and discovery. Most importantly, Harel maintains that all classes must have a baseline to “provide all students with the opportunity to achieve academic fulfillment, joy of learning new knowledge and skills, and economic success.”

We think Harel’s attitude toward discovery is what makes her such a top-notch and clever innovator: “Humans are addicted to learning. Playful learning in particular gives us humans an extraordinary joy.”

After all, one of her mentors was Seymour Papert, one of the biggest inspirations for all educators and tech pioneers.

Just like our founder, Ayah, Idit is uplifting education resources by focusing on how we should prepare our current and future generations. With Globaloria and Papert’s influence, Harel says: “We must prepare our students to become active members of the new global innovation economy.”

With STEAM and engineering, we must look toward the future so we can prepare curious young learners for success as tomorrow’s leading inventors.

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