You made glowing bots and bugs. You invented night lights, reading lights, and flashlights. You made your pets safer and happier. You modded games to make them better and crafted tools to help you create. You captured faraway stars and lit up the sea depths. You ruled the blinky domain.

  A huge, radiant THANK YOU to everyone who shared their shining inventions with the littleBits community. You ignited our inspiration with your creativity, your approach to materials, and your problem-solving skills – not to mention how much fun you had inventing! This was our biggest challenge yet with over 220 inventions submitted in two months! Our luminous judges had the difficult task of choosing which six inventions to spotlight. A big thank you to Peruvian Chapter Leader Silvia Pena Hernandez, Designer Ryan Mather, and Product Design Intern Tia Singh for helping us make this difficult decision. The following winners stood out for their creative use of Bits and materials, documentation of their invention, and innovative approach to this bright design problem.   GRAND PRIZES Each grand prize winner received $200 in Bits and special littleBits swag.   AC/DC Puppet Show – littleBits ROCK! by WilliamSamAndMom
Summary from our judges:
The lighting of this invention transforms the performance of it. We love how you used the combination of lights, Arduino, music and servos to create your own mini concert using Bits.
  Girls Rock Electronics at BONEVET by Enxhi
Summary from our judges:
You made littleBits wearable! We love the simplicity of the circuit and the elegance of the use of technology. The end product is simple, creative, and very beautiful! Some day you will grow up to be an electronic fashion designer.
  Paquito the dragon by EPeterPan
Summary from our judges:
This robot is awesome! We loved the funny video and thought it did a really great job showing off the invention. We won’t forget Paquito the Dragon and can’t wait to have this pet at home. Next time we need something, we’ll remember to call Paquito.
  RUNNERS UP These three inventors impressed us with their brilliant blinky skills as well: Making a “color sensor” using reflection of light by cfsl Shiny Shoes by jkschroeder94 Holographical Cup by yogasnaredrummer – Liza Stark Senior Manager of Learning & Engagement

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