Inc.: Hardware Startup littleBits Embraces the Internet of Things

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Inc. wrote about the newest addition to the littleBits library, the cloudBit, and how designers are using littleBits to prototype their inventions.



“The new cloudBit release means people can rig their hardware projects to interact with applications or even to other littleBits projects. . . .For example, users can make their own SMS doorbell, which involves building a circuit with a button. When that button is pressed, the cloudBit sends a text message to the user’s phone, telling them that someone is at the door. “


Inc. Screen Shot 2014-07-023


“…within the past year, Bdeir says the company has seen countless professional designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs create prototypes with the adaptable product. . . One company called Ringly even used littleBits to build the prototype for its product, an Internet-connected ring that lets users know when they have an important call or email. The company has raised $1 million to pursue that particular idea.”


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