International Games Day!

By Emily Tuteur

Kids and adults of all ages have played games throughout history, and here at littleBits we are big fans not only of playing games, but making our own games to play. International Games Day, taking place in libraries throughout the world this Saturday, November 16th, was built on the idea that games can help reconnect communities while providing a fun, social, and recreational outlet for people of all ages. We couldn’t agree more with this! Make your own game this Saturday, and for inspiration check out a few awesome games made with littleBits below.

Monster Ball is a game that uses a bend sensor and a fan. The bend sensor is triggered when a ball is tossed into a cup below it, and this activates the fan.  We don’t see these Bits modules however because they are covered up by the monster’s tongue and spinning paper eyeball. This game surely gets our competitive juices flowing!


We’re always searching for what inspires people. When we held a workshop at SXSW in Austin, TX, we challenged people to reinvent their favorite game, and several great projects were created. One team created Snacky Snacky Hippos, a two-player game in which a couple hippos face off to score their latest meal! In this twist on the classic 90’s game, each player controls a fan with one hand and a DC motor (via a pressure sensor) in the other, all in the quest to trap their latest snack, in this case a ping-pong ball.


Another throwback game called Air Ball gives a nod to arcade-style air hockey games. North of the border at the TEI Conference in Kingston, ON, a couple innovators constructed an AirBall Arena made out of foam core. Using fans that slide back and forth, two players try to blow a ball past one another, and the fans act as the goalies, too! They came up with a clever way of keeping score using the dimmer and a bargraph – first to five goals wins!


The BIT by a Shark Game uses littleBits and craft materials to transform everyday objects into a ravenous, hungry shark (no need to be squeamish, it won’t hurt you). When a fish is thrown into the shark’s mouth, it covers up a light sensor, triggering its eye to spin.


These are only a few examples of the endless game ideas and projects that can be made using littleBits. We’re always curious to see what people come up with, so we encourage you to share your game ideas with us. Who knows, you might come up with an International Games Day hit! Find more projects or submit your own here.


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