Introducing the New Education Page

By Erin Mulcahy

This summer we had the good fortune to work with three master teachers who collaborated with the littleBits team to curate and create the STEAM Content Boards that we will feature on our newly revamped education page for many months to come. littleBits owes a debt of gratitude to: Anne Lockwood — experienced art teacher, and artist, Dalton School NYC, Lindsay Velazco — a wonderful science teacher at Cathedral School, NYC, and Michael Wilkinson — veteran teacher of science and mathematics, and self-professed NASA Geek, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Bronx, NY. Additionally, we want to give thanks to those educators who open sourced their littleBits projects on our website and who further inspired us to build out STEM and STEAM thinking around their work.

The design of the littleBits STEAM Content Boards is intended to stimulate and inspire integrated thinking and curriculum design along the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) continuum. You will note the anchor features of the boards include:

– littleBits Design Challenges and projects

– Profiles of STEAM innovators

– Non-linear links to a range of resources and concepts to enliven your STEAM and STEM lesson planning across discipline.

steam content boards

Additionally, on the ‘STEAM Resources’ tab we have aggregated a number of key websites that link littleBits to the standards that are relevant to your teaching, and we have included additional resources on the Maker Movement, circuitry basics and instructional models.

Visualizing the design of a curriculum as we have, and collaborating with a small group of educators to authenticate STEAM teaching and learning across the range of each teacher’s expertise was immensely enjoyable. This teaching year, we encourage you to create your own STEAM workgroup. What you visualize together will yield the opportunity to discover what can be taught at the intersection of STEAM.

We encourage you to check out the education page and share your own lessons, projects and design challenges!

– Karen Balliett

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