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Ahhhh, yes. Valentine’s Day. Our annual excuse to invent something lovey-dovey for ourselves or that special someone. Check out these 6 inventions sure to keep your heart pulsing for days. Short on time? Download one of our free littleBits themed Valentine’s Day cards at the end of the post.

FEELix The Caterpillar

In luv from afar? FEELix lets you send secret messages across the room, or across the world.

FEELix the Caterpillar (HD 1080p), a #ShapeBits project for LittleBits x Shapeways from Alicia Tam Wei on Vimeo.


This might be the most thoughtful gift we’ve ever seen. Use the MP3 player and the speaker to record messages for your special someone to replay anytime.

Voice Box from Joey Wilson on Vimeo.



Step right up and invent your own carnival-style Love-O-Meter!


Love Bug

Harry Potter may send owls to send messages, but we think this adorable inch-worm is the most loveable way to send all the feels. Scribble your message and send him on his way!


Lego Valentine

When your special someone comes home and turns on the light, this littleBits & Lego mash-up will trigger a spinning, buzzing heart.



Valentinez dai isn’t jus 4 humanz. Hack ur bakpack, or jus bout anythin, 2 proclaim 2 teh wurld ur luv 4 ur furry feline frend.


Valentine’s Day Cards

Click on the thumbnails below to download your own littleBits themed Valentine’s Day cards.


Still here? How about a Valentine’s Day Haiku:

Who needs a lover
When you can eat burritos
And invent cool stuff.

If you’re still in need of invention ammo, head to the shop to stock up!



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