Invention Inspiration for Memorial Day Weekend


Spring is finally here, and it’s about time to get the kids outside and playing again! Invention can happen anywhere, so why not combine the warmer weather with the STEM life? Memorial Day is the perfect time to kick off a summer of fun and learning.

Check out our Hall of Fame Kits and start creating inventions that are perfect for the long weekend, including bubble blowers, crawly creatures, arcade games, and more. In the meantime, get some inspiration from these inventions that are a blast in the backyard!

Auto-Cooling Adventure Hat

Feeling the heat already? Stay cool with this awesome hat. Wearable tech is all the rage, and this hat has some real utility — especially when you want to keep your little inventor from overheating. The fan Bit will work hard to keep you cool.

Take-Out Tiki Torch

The tiki torch is a BBQ staple, but the open flames make it a bit dangerous for your little inventors. Create a safe alternative with the help of the LED light Bit. The power Bit makes it mobile, so you can carry it with you anywhere. Customize the project by creating your own casing for the light, adding to the creativity factor.


Who doesn’t love bubbles? The BubbleBot lets you manipulate how big your bubble can get with the fan Bit, and the cardboard pieces are fully customizable, so you can create your own designs for some imaginative play. This invention is one of our Hall of Fame Kits, BTW.

Air Boat

If you have a pool, the Air Boat will get your gears turning. Essentially a miniature fan boat, it uses ping pong balls to glide along the surface of the water. If you add a slide dimmer Bit, you can adjust the intensity of the fan Bit, allowing for varying speeds.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and look forward to more invention suggestions all summer long! Don’t forget to check out littleBits’ Hall of Fame Kits, available now.


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