Inventor Club Leaders: Join our September Club Call!

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Way to go Inventor Club Leaders! So far more than 300 Clubs are up and running, with more joining every day. To celebrate, we’ll be restarting our monthly littleBits Inventor Club Calls! For those of you who are new, we’ll connect via Google Hangouts On Air, so you’ll be able to see and hear us at littleBits HQ, chat online with other Club Leaders, share invention stories, and ask questions. You can also just hop on to listen! Club Calls will generally last 40 minutes, and give us place to learn from one another, get inspired, and sharpen our leadership skills.

Our September Inventor Club Call will take place on Thursday, September 28 at 12pm ET. We’ll talk about project-based learning and share best practices for inspiring authentic inquiry and invention. We’ll change up the time and date for future calls so folks all over the world can participate. And, of course, we’ll post the call on the blog afterward so you can check it out anytime you want.

WHEN: 12pm ET on Thursday 9/28
WHERE: The littleBits Hangouts on Air
WHO: Neveen and Liza, the Community Team at littleBits!


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