Inventor Family Spotlight: Leo Saccomanno from Bariloche, Argentina

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Leo Saccomanno
Bariloche, Argentina


How were you introduced to littleBits?
I don’t remember. It must have been surfing the web, reading about technology and open source hardware.


What toys and tools did you grow up with?
I grew up playing soccer around the corner from my house. When I was at home, I played a computer game called PC Fútbol. One toy that I really loved was Micro Machines. And to name a tool: pencil and paper. I would spend a lot of time drawing architecture plans, because when I was a kid, I always said that I wanted to be an architect.



How have you used littleBits at home?
About two and a half years ago, we founded a Hackerspace at home. At that time, Marco was 11 and Estani couldn’t even pronounce “Hackerspace”. So we started to call our space “Jabo”. We noticed that when little kids visited us, the tools and materials needed to be different. So now when people under three years old come to make with us, we call it “Gabo”. We have another name to use when we show in public what we do, or when we meet with other makers from other organizations like Wazzabi/BRC. We call that “Wabo”.

For a year now, littleBits became the central tool of the Jabo, and has narrowed the distance to the Gabo. Bits are always ready to use, because you never know when you are going to feel the desire to make!


 “Developing that creative confidence is essential for every kid to trust in themselves”


What has your family invented with littleBits?
A couple of projects that we made that involved many family members where the Servo Drum that started with a drum stick that my brother Marcelo made. Then, Marco (his son) completed the project and I was there to assist him with the recording and translations. Nowadays, we are getting into the TV industry 🙂


What are your family’s favorite Bits?
Marco: Music Recorder (his DreamBit)

Estani: bright LED

Almendra: bargraph



Why do you use littleBits with your nieces?
Because I love sharing what I love, and even more with kids. What I find awesome of littleBits is that it could be a professional tool, and at the same time, a kid can play and develop creativity with it. One thing that I noticed is that kids instantly discover the potential of littleBits. And it’s not the same for adults. Kids really appreciate the possibility of changing and programming their own interactions. They see the differential value of the product, and some adults only discover it after seeing their kids so engaged with the experience.


Why do you believe it’s important for the youth to play/learn with littleBits?
Because is so natural. They start figuring out things with their own trial and error experiences. They feel so proud for what they make, and want to show their inventions to the world. Developing that creative confidence is essential for every kid to trust in themselves.




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