Inventor Family Spotlight: Mitchell Malpartida from West Covina, California

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Mitchell Malpartida
West Covina, California


How were you introduced to littleBits?
I was looking on Amazon for tech/science toys that I could introduce to my daughters even though they are quite young. I saw littleBits and really like the simplicity of it so we gave it a shot. Even my youngest who just turned 2 loves connecting Bits to see what will happen.


What toys and tools did you grow up with?
I grew up with the standard 80s fare of Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, and He-Man, to name a few. My father is a building contractor so when I could, I would borrow some tools and any scrap wood lying around to make props for my adventures.


How have you used littleBits at home?
By combining littleBits, a bubble machine, a disco ball, and Amazon Echo we now have on-demand “Bubble Dance Parties”! The kids love it!




What has your family made with littleBits?
What the kids love to make are things that work with their existing toys (mashups). Here are some examples: Creating a working doorbell for their castle. Adding lights to their wands and tiaras. Playing the “Shopkins” music theme when someone enters their mall.


What are your kids’ favorite Bit?
Isabella’s favorite Bits are the “Bright LED/RGB LED”
Solfia’s favorite Bit is the “Buzzer”
Miliana’s favorite Bit is the “Button”



How has littleBits changed playtime for you and your family?
Its an added layer of fun! Spy missions always need gadgets!


Why do you use littleBits with your kids?
The main reason we use littleBits with our kids is to remove some of the mystery behind the everyday electronics we use. As a result, they have come up with some really cool ideas for toys and games that we can actually build in most cases. The best example of that is Moby.



Why is it important for children to play/learn with littleBits?
Exposure to technology and how things work at an early age enhances problem solving and grants children an extra set of “tools” in their “mental toolbox” to draw from. I think my career would have been different if I was not exposed to computers when I was young.




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