JackANDJude, the Epic Mother-Son Maker Team

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Jack & Jude Brisson





Jude and her son Jack are littleBits superstars. Their collaborative projects and videos are always jam packed with awesome and cuteness (especially when their bunny Cadburry makes a cameo). For Mother’s Day, we wanted to highlight a Mother-Son team that bonds by making inventions.



Why do you use littleBits with Jack?

I use littleBits with Jack because I can’t imagine an easier way to make electronics gadgets that we both love. It’s opened up the world of electronics to both of us. There’s simply no looking back.


Why is it important to make with your kids?

It’s fun, and it builds memories we cherish.



Jack likes musical toys that talk and blink, but he doesn’t want yet another generic pet singing copyright free songs. That’s why we enjoy making a new toy every few days based on our unique interests. The first toy we made with littleBits is what he calls the “Uh Oh” box. When he opens the box, a roller switch releases and turns on a circuit like the mp3 player to say “Uh Oh”. It gives him the giggles just thinking about it. He would be very happy if I remade that circuit as a surprise for him today.


What has Jack learned from your collaborative projects?

There are some electronics that mystify or even frighten Jack. For instance, he finds the fire alarm at school so disruptive that he draws pictures and talks about it for days at a stretch. LittleBits gives him a new creative outlet. Now we can build a fire alarm that he controls completely. He decides where it goes on the wall and how it will sound and flash. He even opted for multiple alarms that connect to each other wirelessly. I hope that this feeling of control helps him have less stressful fire alarm events at school. I imagine there are inumerable ways that a general feeling empowerment over electronics will improve his life.


What has Jack taught you while using littleBits?

I’ve learned to stop trying to contain his imagination. Last weekend he came downstairs and said “I want to make a Dell computer from circuits.” I had to bite my lip, because my first impulse was to tell him it was too difficult. Instead, I focused on what was important in his design. As it turns out, all he wanted was the experience of having the computer tower with a fan, buttons, and some elements of interaction. He happily kept that cardboard computer in his room for a week.



What is Jack’s dreambit?

He wants a more powerful motor and power source so we can build a motorized scooter. Maybe a relay bit is in order?


If Jack were a bit which bit would he be?

If Jack were a bit, it would definitely be the fan. He wants you to know that he is “obsessed with fans”. Today he is redesigning our “Dell Computer” project to fit inside a coffee can so that the fan is centered in the lid.




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