January Club Call Recap: Launching into 2018! (Literally.)

By Adam Skobodzinski

We started 2018 by jumping right into the inventing spirit and got our Bits moving in our first Club Call of the year. Couldn’t make it to the live call? Here’s what you missed:

    • The littleBits Quality Engineering Manager, Abel, moved us with his special kinetic tips and tricks. He showed us how to transfer a servo Bit’s rotational motion into linear motion by building a Launcher Racer! Watch out the video to learn how you can get your kiddos to construct their own versions.
    • Invention Challenges are back! Take a peek at the details here.
    • We gave a shoutout to Bok STEM Inventor Club and their Club Leader, David Lockett. Even after facing difficulties with Hurricane Irma last year, they’ve kept up the STEM spirit and have been avidly exploring anything from sustainability to drones to VR! Get a glimpse of what they’ve been up to on their Twitter page.

The community team hopes with all our hearts to make these calls useful, interesting, and chock-full-of-Bits. We want to know: What do you want to see in future calls? Send us your suggestions by posting on the Facebook Club Leader page or sending an email to Neveen (neveen.mourad@littleBits.cc). Until next time, Alex Community + Content Coordinator


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