Kids of Kathmandu

By Adam Skobodzinski


Kids of Kathmandu is a NY-based not-for-profit working with local organizations in Nepal to rebuild 52 public schools serving 10,000 kids in the areas hit hardest by the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. littleBits donated several kits to encourage experimentation and collaboration among the students.


“Color coding was first thing for kids to connect littleBits with their prior knowledge and understanding. Immediately after opening box, kids asked what the different colors were for. As we said ‘Different colors have different meanings’, most of the kids were able to link the idea with traffic lights. Looking at the small booklet they figured out meanings of colors themselves. Although littleBits kit is designed for electronics knowledge, the kit was a great tool to foster observation and exploration skills. With very less to no teacher intervention, kids can explore various inputs, outputs and combination of both to amaze themselves and keep them engaged.”

– Suresh Ghimire, Teacher, Karkhana






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