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*UPDATE* After four years, codebender has shut down to move on to exciting new projects. We wish them well!


We <3 Arduino. It let’s us control bits in new and exciting ways, it’s a great tool for learning how to code, and it can take your invention to the next level.

That’s why we are very excited to announce a partnership that will make programming the Arduino bit easier and better than ever: codebender.

Codebender lets you share code and collaborate with other folks who are inventing epic things. Or, if you are just getting started in the wonderful world of programming, codebender is a great place to begin.

But what is codebender?

It’s an online development environment for Arduino.

Online? But how can that be? What does it mean?!

It means you can write, test, store, and upload code through your browser.

That’s right, it all happens in the “cloud.”

It has everything you need – a state of the art editor, all the libraries you’ll ever need, and a serial monitor for debugging.

This is all fabulous for sure. But here’s why we’re really jazzed about this partnership for our community: You can embed a sketch in your invention page or other website so other people can upload right then and there to recreate or remix your invention!

Codebender was built to be social for us to collaborate and learn from each other. So that Arduino project you’ve been wanting to tinker with or remix, just hit the button and upload to your Arduino bit. Piece’o’🎂

Want to dive in? Check out codebender’s easy guide to getting started, then look at our tutorial on embedding your sketch in your invention page.

We’re so excited to be a part of the codebender family!


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