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Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at this year’s ASCD Annual Conference! We were to delighted to share information about our new STEAM Student Set and talk to educators about integrating STEAM/STEM into the classroom.



One of the most important takeaways at this year’s conference was the idea of growth mindset, which was covered in detail at Carol S. Dweck’s talk “Even Geniuses Work Hard.”

Let’s give students learning tasks that tell them, “You can be as smart as you want to be”
We can all agree that meaningful schoolwork promotes students’ learning of academic content. But why stop there? I believe that meaningful work can also teach students to love challenges, to enjoy effort, to be resilient, and to value their own improvement. In other words, we can design and present learning tasks in a way that helps students develop a growth mindset, which leads to not just short-term achievement but also long-term success.

This message totally resonates with the littleBits, especially with our Student Invention Journey included in the STEAM Student Set:



We were also super stoked to see The Nerdy Teacher stop by and share his unbridled excitement about littleBits. It’s always great to meet our Twitter friends IRL ☺️ You can check out his ASCD Wrap-Up here.





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