littleBits Brings STEAM To Education

By Adam Skobodzinski

Last Thursday, a small group of New York’s independent and private school teachers gathered in the littleBits’ HQ to play with the Bits and provide feedback on how to improve our education program.

Electronics are essential to our daily lives, which is why we’re striving to create the best products and lesson plans possible. During the feedback session, we received wonderful commentary from the teachers. Many of them agreed that it’s an amazing time to be a teacher because the powerful on-line platforms for lesson sharing provide support, feedback and a sense of community.

There was an extended discussion on the format of lesson plans and how many classrooms rely on digital PDFs for activity instructions and how iPads are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms. Perhaps the most exciting feedback we received regarding the littleBits is “I think the greatest power of Bits is the open-endedness. What you are teaching children is the engineering design process and that is the real benefit.”

Every teacher that attended our workshop will be creating a lesson plan over the next few weeks. We’ll be updating you on their ideas as we receive them. If you have any feedback or questions about our education program, reach out to



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