littleBits helped kids discover tech at the Google I/O Youth Conference

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One of littleBits’ missions is to inspire creativity in all inventors – big and small. We were thrilled to be a part of Google’s fourth annual I/O Youth Conference, an event that teaches kids how to use and build things with technology, and get them excited about a future in tech. How innovative is that? This kid conference runs before Google’s I/O Developer Conference for adults. Essentially, a bunch of budding scientists and engineers learned how to develop creative problem solving skills, and got their hands dirty with some cool and emerging tech for invention-building.

The entire experience of the I/O Youth Conference was so awesome and we were so excited to be there, that we had to tell our entire Bitster community. We’re all about being creative problem solvers and inspiring kids to use tech to do that, so being at the conference to further this mission is what we’re all about.

We brought the littleBits Code Kit along to inspire young inventors and get their feet wet in all things coding. And, we got to play and explore, too!

With almost 150 kids at the conference, these budding engineers dove into activities that included animating their own cartoons, building wind spinners, coding an adventure on the high seas, and designing a hot potato game with our littleBits Code Kit, which is made with drag-and-drop programming based on Google’s Blockly.

The tinkering didn’t end there! The MIT Media Lab was on site with kids to make their own inventions controlled from Play-Doh, and kids explored mechanical toys with Wonderful Idea Co. to see what makes them tick. And, to make the day even more innovative (and cooler!), kids learned about Google Assistant and artificial intelligence with Quick, Draw! and Giorgio Cam.

We think the IO Youth Conference is about opening up a galaxy of ideas. With creating, inventing, and programming, the options for discovery and innovation are endless.

As Pavni Diwanji said on kid inventors and I/O Youth Conference, “We hope kids discover that a bright future isn’t some distant goal—it’s something they have the power and skills to create right now.” And, we couldn’t agree more! The power of innovation is within all of us.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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