littleBits is now available in 8 new languages!

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Hi, Bitsters, we have a major news announcement to unleash. We’re proud to announce that littleBits products are now available in these 8 new languages: French, French Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


One of our core missions is to bring the power of invention to all inventors, regardless of age, gender, technical ability, or country of origin. With littleBits Global Chapters in 60 countries, we’re proud to say we’re a diverse and dynamic community. And now that littleBits products are available in 8 additional languages, people all over the world can invent with Bits that never had the opportunity to do so before.

Are you ready to invent? Find littleBits in your country here. Local availability of specific languages may vary. Please contact your local retailers or distributors for product inquiries. Even if littleBits isn’t translated into your language, you can still buy the kits locally at various retailers and merchandisers across the globe.

And, if you’re interested in selling littleBits with translated instructions, email

Check out some of our translated instruction books below:

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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