littleBits Picks: Top Holiday Gifts for Your Little Ones

By Allie VanNest

Now that the holiday season is officially in full swing, you’re probably looking for some ideas about what to get your little ones. Don’t worry — we have you covered. Below, find a list of  littleBits mentions in some of the top holiday gift guides for every kind of kid.

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As an added bonus, littleBits created our own holiday gift guide this year — filled with products that we think will make safe, creative, and gender-neutral gifts for your little ones. Let us know what you think!

littleBits’ “Four Gift Rule” Holiday Gift Recommendations

A couple of years ago, parents started talking about the “four gift rule.” As a way to cut down on the number of presents they buy their kids during the holidays, they advocated purchasing only four gifts for kids: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

Are you into the “four gift rule”? If so, here are littleBits’ top four gift picks this holiday season:

Something they want. Kids love to play. If you’re looking for a way to encourage creativity and learning, beyond the ever-present screen, almost every toy made by Melissa & Doug fits the bill. Melissa & Doug creates toys designed to spark kids’ imagination and wonder — from puzzles to pizza-making kits to puppets.

Something they need. With invention kits for your music lover, space buff, coder, or Disney fan, littleBits makes a system of electronic building blocks that snap together to turn ideas into inventions — giving all kids, no matter their gender, race, nationality, or ability, the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills they need to solve the epic challenges ahead.

Something to wear. Tired of demure-looking princesses or happy dinosaurs gracing the front of your kids’ t-shirts? Primary is an awesome company that makes clothes for both boys and girls — no logos, no slogans, no sequins. Don’t dress them “like boys” or “like girls,” dress them like kids!

Something to read. Wonderbly’s mission is to use personalization to inspire “boundless self-belief” in children. The company has created a line of personalized books for kids so they can imagine themselves doing extraordinary things.

If you’re looking for something beyond these four gifts for your kids, here are some additional ideas we just had to throw in:

Something to hug. Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Imagine making her imagination come to life? Budsies turns any kid’s drawing or photo into a beautiful, custom-sewn stuffed animal.

Something to eat. Running out of ideas for healthy packed lunches? TuckrBox is the first lunch delivery program designed to put kids at the center of choosing nutritious, delicious, and convenient school lunch!

Are you going by the “four gift rule” this holiday? Or, like us, might you buy six gifts? Let us know your holiday gift plan @littleBits!

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