littleBits Press Round-Up 2012

By Adam Skobodzinski

Yesterday was a big day for littleBits: we started taking orders for our 2012 Holiday Kit, launched the “What are you making for the holidays” challenge and kicked off the holidays with a party at our new office.

We are grateful and excited about the positive feedback we’ve been seeing about the new Holiday Kits. Here are some of our favorite one-liners from the press:

“Forget lame gifts: check out littleBits to teach your kids about how electronics work.”
-Harrison Weber, The Next Web

“Instead of buying your kid or young-at-heart loved ones a battery-operated gadget for the holidays, why not give them a kit that challenges them to make gadgets of their own?”
-Jolie O’Dell, VentureBeat

“[…] encourage people to design and build their own products during the consumption-heavy holiday season.”
-Alexandra Chang, Wired

“Finding the right holiday gift for your kids can be tough. […] But what if your kids could create and design their own gifts instead? That’s what a company called littleBits is encouraging this holiday season.”
-Eric Larson, Mashable

“littleBits wants to babysit your tech-savvy kids this holiday season”
-Lauren Goode, AllThingsD


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