littleBits’ Summer Lovin’

By allison vannest

If you’re anything like the littleBits team, you’ve been busy making the most of these warm summer months. Hopefully you even had a chance to unwind with some vacation time! But, with all of your summer celebrations, you might have missed some cool media moments for littleBits in June and July.

Since we’re super grateful to be recognized for helping students in their educational journey, we wanted to share some of the highlights with you. Check out some of the cool media coverage we garnered in the following education publications:
District Administration: Partnering to create STEM kits and curriculum (July 26, 2018)
STEAM Universe: School Libraries Becoming Beacons of the Maker Movement (July 23, 2018)
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The EdTech Roundup: littleBits: Electronic Building Blocks for Creating and Inventing (July 21, 2018)
eSchool News: The state of K-12 makerspaces—and how to create one in your library (July 11, 2018)
Tech & Learning: Make the Most of Your Budget with These Great Products: Makerspace Product Roundup 2018 (July 2018)
EdWeek: For Students with Disabilities, Ed Tech Can Empower. But It Often Doesn’t (June 26, 2018)
Tech & Learning: What’s New: New Tools for Schools (June 21, 2018)
The Tech Advocate: How to Implement A Successful STEAM Program (June 6, 2018)

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