Local PTA Invention Nights Facilitate Parental Engagement in STEM Education

By Allie VanNest

A couple of weeks ago, littleBits announced a partnership with the National PTA. And we’re moving fast to take full advantage of the collaboration!

On Wednesday, September 26, National PTA, littleBits, and the Tucker PTA (a local PTA branch in Alexandria, Virginia) completed our first-ever pilot of the new STEM + Families program: “Invention Nights.”

We invited parents and students to build STEM inventions with littleBits’ brand new Base Inventor Kit, which guides kids through building fun inventions. For this night, the participants used the kits to build an Intruder Alarm to protect their stuff — learning about the invention through the real-world example of a kid inventor who found a way to protect both the cattle and the lions in his village with a similar alarm system. Some families at the event also had time to build a Sea Cleaner.

The program was sold out, with over 100 parents and kids participating.

Base Inventor Kits, littleBits

littleBits is well aware that kids love to create their own inventions to improve their home, help their community, or save the environment — so the Base Inventor Kit was a hit. However, we also saw during the event that many parents and educators get just as excited as their kids about working on cool STEM projects.

littleBits Invent App, Base Inventor Kit Assembly

In fact, one of the benefits of the STEM + Families program is that it gives parents actionable ways to get involved in kids’ learning experiences.

The night ended with some giveaways, including our Code Kits, which the school can use to help introduce coding to its students.

Local PTA Invention Night with littleBits

By monitoring, supporting, and advocating, parents can be engaged in their kids’ education in ways that ensure kids have every opportunity to achieve great things. Family engagement positively impacts student success and school improvement.

littleBits Stuff Protector

This event was the first of many by the National PTA, littleBits, and other local PTA organizations. We’re looking forward to collaborating as part of our partnership for years to come!

Are you a local PTA who wants to sponsor your own Invention Night? Click here to apply!

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