Creative Insights: Ayah Bdeir and littleBits

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Our friends at have posted a series of video interviews with Ayah.


“Construction sets like LEGOs break down the building blocks of the modern city in a way kids can understand and enjoy. But how do they explore the digital world? Ayah Bdeir applied her engineering background to these “problems of play” and came up with a new kind of toy: littleBits. littleBits make electronics, light, sound, and sensors as easy to play with as LEGOs and Lincoln Logs—combining learning, prototyping, and fun. In this Creative Insights interview, Ayah explains how she created littleBits, grew the toy into a full-fledged company, and learned to accept fame and funding on her own terms.”


Check out the preview video below. The full series is available to members here.


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