Magic of Invention Challenge Winners!

By Adam Skobodzinski

You cast spells. You moved stairways. You made willows womp and owls fly. And your quidditch game was on point.

Many, many magical thanks to every muggle, witch, and wizard who threw their name in the Goblet of Bargraph to participate in this challenge. We were endlessly inspired by your creativity and your inventor powers.

With almost 150 inventions submitted, our charming judges had a vexing decision to make: which inventions would enter the winner’s circle. A big thank you to Edona Bejtullahu, Carolina and Tim High, and Emily Tuteur for lending their enchanting expertise.

The following winners stood out for their creative use of Bits and materials, documentation of their invention, and innovative approach to this magical design problem.


Each grand prize winner received $200 in Bits and special littleBits swag.
Little Bits Book Of Monsters by Graciela

Graciela’s littleBits Book of Monsters left us spellbound! We were impressed by her design and construction. She used many different kinds of materials in her invention, like fur, polymer clay, and even coffee soaked paper. Best part of creating it? “Spooking my family out and recreating scenes from The Prisoner of Askaban.”


Ron’s Howler by by astghik

We love Astghik’s amazing howler – especially her beautiful incorporation of origami into the design. According to the inventor herself, she chose “to make a howler because I laugh every time I remember Ron’s face after he opens the message!!!”


Eat Slugs! by maccast

The gross out factor of Adam’s invention made it a favorite of many Bitsters. He recreated the Slugulus Eructo curse that backfires on Ron. This invention stood out for its humor, material integration, and excellent documentation.


Each runner up received a new Bluetooth Low Energy Bit and special littleBits swag.
These five runners up impressed us with their wizarding skills:


Liza Stark
Senior Manager of Learning & Engagement


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