Make It BIG Challenge Winners!

By Adam Skobodzinski


Last month, in conjunction with our MoMA Design Store Window Displays, we launched the Make It BIG Challenge . We presented the challenge to our community and invited them to exercise their imagination to transform littleBits into large-scale works of art. The only rule was that every submission had to contain Bits. Our panel of judges graded each piece on their use of Bits, creativity, documentation process, video and community reaction. Winners will be awarded the following:

First Place: $500 worth of Bits, including three of our top-secret Bits that no one has yet, and acclaim on our website and newsletter

Second Place: $300 of Bits, some Bit accessories and acclaim on our website and newsletter

Third Place: $200 of Bits and acclaim on our website and newsletter

There is an overwhelming amount of talent displayed in the Make It BIG Challenge entires. After careful consideration, the judges arrived at a decision:

First Place: The Sock Game by Baila & Dream Flowers by Trish

These projects emerged from an incredibly creative household and tied for first place. Baila, created The Sock Game to “make a really boring job a littleBit more fun.” The functionality of the piece along with the video narrative won the judges over. Trish, Baila’s mom, works as a preschool teacher and designed Dream Flowers to extend her students’ study of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Concentric Circles and Squares.” The beautiful, intricate flowers and video caught the eye of the judges, who love seeing littleBits used to enhance learning. Learn more about Baila and Trish in their Creator Spotlight.


Second Place: Tap Tap Smile by Peter A. Jackson

Tap Tap Smile is an interactive window display inspired by “everyone’s love of tapping on fish tanks.” When the window is tapped, the fish’s frown turns upside down. The judges were impressed by the adorable display and participatory element of this piece. To learn more about this multimedia artist, click here.


Third Place: PANDA-monium by Malachy

“What started as a school project diorama about saving the pandas turned into an electronic project inspired by The Puppet Master littleBits project and the ‘Make something BIG’ challenge” – Malachy and his dad regarding the concept for PANDA-monium.

The use of MoMA project techniques along with the educational lesson and artistic display impressed the judges. However, the real showstopper is the video that accompanied the final project.


Thank you to everyone who entered, we are lucky to have such a gifted community. To view all of the entries, visit our project page and checkout our Facebook gallery. Want to purchase a kit to make a project of your own? Visit our shop!


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