Make it BIG Workshop: Getting started

By Adam Skobodzinski



Take our MoMA Store display windows and run your own workshop based on the concept that littleBits can make BIG things happen. There are five easy steps to get you going on your own “Make it BIG” Workshop. Before digging into the details, don’t forget that all of the Bits used in our MoMA Store designs are available to you at a discounted price! It’s our “Make It BIG” Bundle and as far as savings go, it’s a BIG deal! Inside the bundle, you’ll find a 9V battery + cable, power Bit, slide dimmer, wire, dc motor rgb and led – discounted at nearly 25%. “Make it BIG” is the perfect concept to have 2-4 students to work together with one bundle to make one big project.

1. Demonstrate
First, give a brief demonstration of how littleBits work, providing students with the basic concepts of power, input and output.

2. Brainstorm
Then, have your students brainstorm an idea for a project to make with littleBits and sketch a picture of it. Encourage them to think about what Bits they would like to use in their project. If you choose, you could predetermine the project.

3. Build Circuits
Students snap the Bits together to build the circuit for their project.

4. Build Projects
Students build the project they sketched and integrate the Bits.

5. Share!
Students share what they made! Be sure to take photos and video. You can share creations on our classroom website or if you want, participate in our Make it Big Challenge

For full details on running a littleBits Workshop, please download our littleBits Workshop Guide. Learn how to give a demonstration; how to plan based on time and age or your group; which Kits and Bits work well; materials we can’t live without; and tips & tricks!


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