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This Valentine’s Day, we’ve scouted the interwebs and rounded up some pretty sweet projects that you can make for your special someone on this romantic holiday. Whether you’re in a long term, happy relationship, crushing on that new cutie at your local watering hole, or sassy, single and loving it — we’ve got you covered.

Check out these six DIY projects, where all you’ll need is a handful of littleBits and some imagination. When you’re finished, download our hackable, free Valentine’s Day cards and share them with your valentine!


You Can Make: Thinking Of You; Teddy Bear
Use These Kits: Cloudbit Starter KitBase Kit

If you’re constantly quoting The Notebook, humming John Legend’s “All Of Me,” and spending hours on Pinterest boards dreaming up your destination wedding, you’re probably taken. And what better way to show your other half just how much they mean to you than with a gadget that literally shows your special someone when they’re on your mind.

Enter the Thinking Of You device. Here’s a pair of gizmos that you can share with your significant other. Just push the button and the heart will spin on his or her desk. When they push the button on theirs, the heart will spin on your desk. Ideal for both, the long-distance lovers in the crowd and those that are local, the Thinking Of You device will make your loved one feel cared for.

Near, far, wherever they are, your soulmate will thank you for this thoughtful gift.

If you’re looking for something a little more cuddly, check out this bit-ified teddy bear. A furry friend you can build from the comfort of your home, this stuffed animal will glow bright for your special someone.

Using a bright LED, a light wire, a power bit, a pulse, and some basic sewing skills, you’ll be able to craft up a new friend that is sure to make them feel loved.


You Can Make: Love ParserValentine’s Day Lights
Use These Kits: Arduino Coding Kit; Base Kit

If you’re secretly smitten, these easy-to-make projects are sure to put you on your crush’s radar.

Start with the love parser. Reminiscent of the infamous love calculator app, this project uses two pressure sensors to measure the strength of your connection with your crush. It’s simple. He presses one end and you hold down the other. The greater the connection it senses, the more LEDs will illuminate on the bargraph.

Skip the call to Ms. Cleo and see if it’s meant to be with your very own love machine.

If you’re seeing that spark, the next step is to do something sweet for that special someone.

Luca, age 7, had the right idea with her Valentine’s Day Lights project. Color, cut, and design your very own card. Add in some bright LEDs and a light wire and you’ll be ready to brighten up his or her day.

As a bonus, try this as the message in the card: You auto-complete me.


You Can Make: Kissing Machine; Pet Feeder
Use These Kits: Premium KitArduino Coding Kit

Whether he just wasn’t that into you, or she wasn’t the one that you were meant to spend forever with, do not despair this February. Instead, focus your heart, time, and energy on making something silly and entertaining. You’ll have fifty shades of fun designing this kissing machine.

Using a dc motor, power bit, wire and some crafting, your kissing machine project will leave you laughing for hours. And if you’re more in the mood for a bromance, replace the lipstick with a high-five hand printout.

But sometimes on Valentine’s Day, you just want to focus on the most special someone there is: you. So this holiday, treat yourself. Get a massage. Order that beer. Take a daycation. And know that while you’re away, your favorite four-legged companion is well-attended to.

This pet feeder is designed so you can program how often does your pet needs to receive food.

Enjoy these projects this Feb. 14th, and for more tinkering with littleBits, visit!


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